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Session Tips



1. Prepare your outfits and anything else you want to bring to your portrait session.


-Guys should bring a variety of tops - polos, t-shirts, button-ups, jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, and bottoms - jeans, khakis and shorts. It's good to do different colors as well so you've got a mix of looks. Most importantly, bring clothes that you like and wear. It's okay for a casual outfit to be something that you like to wear everyday. That can look really authentic. Don't bring Dad's clothes unless you share clothes with him. If you're tempted, just go out and buy a nice button-up. And don't forget shoes. Your feet will probably show in a few images for each outfit. The last bit of advice I have for guys is to bring your stuff. Guys usually have things that represent their interests, whether it's sports, hunting, music or one of my personal favorites, CARS.


-Girls, I have so many ideas. You can wear just about anything and it will look great. Again, what you love and your interests is really important. Be creative and be true to who you really are. And, a variety of colors and styles will give you a lot of unique images to choose from. Here is a list of ideas that might get you thinking about your own session: fancy prom dresses (bring the heels even if you don't want all the pictures with them), bright and trendy looks with matching bags, sophisticated black outfits, jeans with holes and a simple top, that hoodie you just love, your point shoes and tutu, the thrift store ensemble you put together, your artwork.


2. Come to your portrait session and don't worry. Your photographer will help you make the right

decisions by choosing backgrounds and outfits, giving you posing directions and letting you know when

to be serious, smile and even laugh. This is a once in a lifetime experience.


3. And for the best part. Come to your image presentation to view and choose your portraits. This is a

really fun experience. Your images will be retouched and prepared for you to view.